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A Genuine Care

Dr. O’Hara has improved my health by leaps and bounds. As a ballet dancer, I rely on my body functioning at its best and most efficient, and Dr. O’Hara is the most helpful health professional I’ve seen. I’ve never had an ache or a pain she couldn’t identify and remedy quickly. She takes such pride in her work and in her office, and she is constantly updating and improving things. Dr. O’Hara has such genuine care for people and their health, and it certainly comes through in her work. I can’t say enough how much of a positive effect O’Hara Chiropractic has had on my life.


A Lifesaver!

Dr O’Hara has changed my life.  I had a hard time concentrating, pains in my neck, wrists, and lower back. I had a hard time sleeping because my neck would ache. I finally decided to go to her through a recommendation by my colleagues. She took my X-rays, explained the importance of maintenance care, and explained that this will take time to fix because the injuries have been there for too long.  I felt much better after the first adjustment. Now, my neck rarely hurts, my wrists are no longer in pain, and I gained back some flexibility with my hips. She’s a lifesaver! I highly recommend Dr. O’Hara.


A Five-Star Experience

I almost had a two star experience here, nearly waiting for an hour after my set appointment time. After getting an explanation that two emergency patients were rushed in, I soon understood and my anger subsided. After the wait, I was seen very quickly. The examination took no time at all as Dr Ohara was very friendly and talkative. What set this review to five stars was when we were taking X-rays, I began feeling light headed/ill and asked to take a break. Within seconds, Dr O’Hara went out to get me some water and gave me an entire basketful of pumpkin bread to take home. I could tell she really cared, so I will be coming back soon!

One Of The Best

Dr. O’Hara is one of the best Gonstead chiropractors out there. She has help me tremendously with structural issues in my neck back and with chronic aches and pains. She’s also the best at adjusting extremities! Her goal is your overall health and the health and structure of your spine. Dr. O’Hara will go above and beyond for your health. She helped me find a reputable, experienced Gonstead chiropractor in the North County San Diego area as well and I even texted her during my European vacation for info regarding my back for a Gonstead chiropractor in Amsterdam. I try and squeeze in an appt. with Dr. O’Hara whenever I am in town, she is that good!


A Genuine Commitment to Optimal Health

This is an incredible office that is always working on improving their system and being more efficient to provide more and more love for their patients. It has been a privilege to be a part of the staff here, I was not just another employee, I am part of the family and it is a blessing. I have also been a patient and can say that Dr. Lori Sender-O’Hara follows the Gonstead protocols and gets results! She looks at the whole picture and is so genuinely committed to achieving optimal nervous system function so you can live at your full potential! I am grateful for her hard work and dedication to servicing. She takes care of patients from all ages, sizes, conditions and stages. If you are looking to improve your quality of life, I recommend stopping by or calling the office to get your nervous system checked here! You will not regret it!



My recovery is very good after my visits. I am Happy!


Great and Caring.

A great caring Dr. Lori surrounded by a great staff. They really want you to understand what is wrong with you. When was the last time you took a friendly test as to what is wrong with you? Thank you Team!


You Really Care

You truly present a spirit of caring for your patients in a practice that is based on knowledge and experience and a real passion for providing better health for the people that enter your facility. It has been a pleasure to be under your care.

V.L. Goleta, CA

Dr. O’Hara has been like a miracle worker for me.

After spending a  year in 24/7 pain, trying two different chiropractors, I went to Dr. O’Hara. At that time my left hand was useless and painfully throbbing. I could only sleep on one side as my upper left side was wracked with pain.My head could hardly turn.At that time I was taking massive amounts of pain relievers.Within two weeks of seeing Dr.O’Hara I was off pain pills and sleeping again. My left hand became fully functioning, where as I can draw again.There’s a lot more to tell but I’ll leave that for another time.

E. Gross Goleta, CA

Go in and see her, you won’t be disappointed.

I used to work for Dr. O’Hara, and as a former employee, I can honestly say that no one has more integrity and genuine concern for your health, and well being, than Dr. O’Hara. She is not just any old chiropractor, and I wish I still lived in the Santa Barbara area, because the work she did on me probably saved me many years of suffering.  Go in and see her, you won’t be disappointed.

Jennifer S. Sacramento, CA

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