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Santa Barbara's Best Chiropractor

We’re honored to have been named Santa Barbara’s Best Chiropractor for the past 9 years!

About O’Hara Chiropractic

Dr. O’Hara founded founded Sender-O’Hara Chiropractic in 1988 and has been focused on healing individuals throughout the Santa Barbara and Goleta community. At O’Hara Chiropractic, we hope patients find our office relaxed, positive and helpful for their healing!

Success With Gonstead Technique

O’Hara Chiropractic was founded on the power of the Gonstead Technique, a chiropractic adjustment style that uses a science-based approach to restore proper function to your spine and body. For more than three decades, Dr. O’Hara has helped countless patients feel better by removing nervous system interference naturally and specifically.

Personally, Dr. O’Hara credits the technique to correcting a multitude of injuries that occurred to her as an elite gymnast. She traveled to get adjusted by a leading Gonstead chiropractor- who would later become her husband. After receiving an adjustment for her foot and lower back, it was the first time she hadn’t received pain in 11 years! It was the Gonstead Technique that restored her health, not the years of cortisone injections; she had been enduring to mask her pain!

O'Hara ChiropracticCare for All Ages

We’re happy to see patients of all ages for care in our practice, from newborns to senior citizens-and everyone in between. As a gymnast, athletic trainer and coach, Dr. O’Hara also has a passion for helping athletes fine-tune their body for peak performance. O’Hara Chiropractic loves seeing whole families receive wellness care and we do our best to make our fees affordable.

Learn More About O’Hara Chiropractic

We’re happy to offer patients a phone consultation to help you learn more about how chiropractic care can help you. If you’d like to book your first appointment, please contact us today at (805) 964-0222.

We look forward to meeting you!

About O’Hara Chiropractic | (805) 964-0222