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Dr. O’Hara Is Simply Amazing!

Dr. O’Hara is simply amazing. She has a warm, impenetrable positivity that is extremely encouraging for her patients, especially considering they come to her in physical pain and distress. I’ve been seeing her for over a year now to treat neck and back injuries after being involved in two separate car accidents. Dr. O’Hara has helped me heal with great skill and seeming ease. My neck and back are so much better now, and if a new issue appears along the way (which does happen to this desk-enslaved grad student), she is there to address it. It is just so obvious that she loves what she does. Every time I come in she greets me with a smile. She loves a challenge and is constantly making suggestions as to how her patients can improve their overall health and well being. Her patients’ health is always her number one priority. Her goal is that everyone feels and lives better. She has certainly helped me accomplish this in my own life. I was not a big believer in chiropractic before going to see her, but after my lengthy time and experience at O’Hara’s, I can say with confidence that chiropractic has done wonders for my neck, back, and overall health!


Something Good Here Folks!

I am so happy that I was referred to Dr O’Hara. I love her Up beat personality, everyone in the office works together to run this fine oiled machine. I have only been seeing her for a couple of days and I am feeling relief. I also noticed how many people are seeing her for treatment, she is doing something good here folks!


Dr. O’Hara Is Great At What She Does

I liked my complimentary consultation and exam with Dr. O’Hara. She’s so great at what she does; I learned a lot about the misalignment of spine in relation to my posture and physical structure in the 15mins we were together. I hear a lot of great things about Dr. O’Hara, so I’m sure you won’t be disappointed at all.


Dr. Ohara Is Absolutely Amazing!

I was experiencing back pain after I had my baby and she has helped me so much. After a few visits my pain started to decrease and my overall sense of wellbeing had improved. She is a wonderful teacher and is very committed to her patients success. She treats the whole body and can help with nutrition, supplementation and other healing modalities. After my first visit she personally called me to check on how I was feeling! Who does that? I felt so supported by her and her staff from day one. Recently, my daughter developed an ear infection and I was really not big on treating it with an antibiotic and I brought this up with Dr. Ohara who asked me to please bring her in that day, which I did. She gave my 16mth old a small adjustment and she was back to her normal happy

Self and most importantly SLEEPING and in no further discomfort, almost overnight. I highly recommend Ohara chiropractic. A wonderful investment in your health!!


Undeniable Positive Experience

I arrived at a scheduled appointment this morning to be showered with hello and smiles from Dr. O’Hara and staff. My back is feeling better thanks to the care of Dr. O’Hara. Great center for collaborative health of your back, neck and posture. Thank you for the undeniably positive experience. Very little wait time to get in.


Awesome Experience

AWESOME!! I had a terrible case of TMJ (locked jaw) and could barely open my mouth for 6 months. I tried everything, mouth guard, massage, warm pack, and nothing worked. I finally gave in and went to the chiropractor and within two weeks my mouth was opening up. She also fixed my atlas and pelvis. I would definitely recommend this office! Staff is so friendly and welcoming. They offer free ten minute massage to all new patients. If you are interested you can attend a FREE WORKSHOP they offer once a month. They provide a delicious free dinner and inform you about the practice. They also provide a lecture about chiropractors, wellness, subluxations, and more! I love this office!


Exceeded Expectations

My visit exceeded expectations! I have been searching for a chiropractor who listens and does adjustments for my specific issue vs those that do a general adjustment and hope it fixes what ails me. Very happy with Dr. O’Hara she is worth the 120 mile round trip.


Follow Up Call

The call after my first adjustment was so nice! Dr. O’Hara really makes me feel supported and heard. No doctor’s call their patients like this and it’s very refreshing. Thanks!


My Shoulder Pain is Completely Gone

I saw a chiropractor growing up, and while he was a nice man, I had no understanding of the importance or purpose of what he was doing to my spine. It wasn’t until I started experiencing shoulder pain that I sought out chiropractic treatment again, and I am so thankful that a friend referred me to Dr. O’Hara!

Dr. O’Hara is passionate about what she does, but she is equally passionate about educating her clients on what she does. She doesn’t treat symptoms, she treats the source. When I came to see her for my shoulder, she adjusted the ball back into the socket. But the pain didn’t cease until she treated the real issue, my spine! After a few months of seeing her, my shoulder pain is completely gone. Not only that, but I have a greater understanding of how to improve my health and quality of life for years to come. I’m so thankful for Dr. O’Hara! And will be a client of hers for years to come.


Kind, Friendly, and Profoundly Passionate

I first came to see Dr. O’Hara in the summer of 2014 after I was involved in an auto accident. Turns out, I suffered a serious whiplash injury, a condition which I was told on average takes a minimum of six months to fix with treatment. I was letdown by the news that a whiplash injury inherently takes this long to heal, but I was committed to getting healthy again and so decided to push through with treatment.

And, wow, am I so glad I stuck around! After a mere five months of Dr. O’Hara’s Gonstead method, I was completely fixed, with a textbook-normal neck and spine. Dr. O’Hara is so efficient and knowledgable at what she does that the sessions with her quickly became a pleasure. She’s not only highly professional and skilled, she is also kind, friendly, and profoundly passionate about what she does. Chiropractic isn’t just a job for her: it’s a way of life. Her enthusiasm for what she does and her deep commitment to holistic health and wellness is truly inspiring. She makes me not just want to eat better, but to live better. And whenever I’m feeling snuffles or sickness coming on, Dr. O’Hara is there with a recommendation of which vitamins and natural supplements are most beneficial to take.
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The clinic itself is warm and cozy, with plenty of charm. The floors are hardwood, the walls are robin-egg blue, and there is a freelance masseuse named Mark who comes into the clinic every Wednesday. He charges $1 for every minute, and, believe me, it’s money well spent! After one 15-minute session with him, I felt a significant increase in energy and just an overall clearer, happier feeling in my body.

The women who work the front desk, Erika and Maudy (Vivianna, we miss you!), are friendly, upbeat people. They’ll call you by name as soon as you walk in, which gives you the sense that you’re stepping into their home (and indeed, the clinic is located inside a converted 100+-year-old Victorian). It’s just a nice touch to what can often be a sterile, uncomfortable environment (how many medical offices have we been in that are about as warm and cuddly as a hospital waiting room?).

If your body isn’t feeling the way it should- even if you haven’t been in an auto accident like me- you should see Dr. O’Hara. I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll walk away happier than you walked in.


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