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Compassionate and Highly Skilled Chiropractor.

I’ve been coming to Dr. Sender – O’Hara for many many years.  She is a compassionate and highly skilled chiropractor, who genuinely cares for and gets to know all her patients. She takes a holistic approach to healing, and has been an invaluable resource for me when I’ve been ill or in pain.  My back went out one weekend, and she actually dropped what she was doing and met me at her office on a Sunday afternoon to treat me.

Janine E. Seattle, WA

As a Chiropractor myself, I recognize the value of quality care!

I have found Dr. O’Hara to be courteous and professional, more importantly the Gonstead technique practiced by Dr. O’Hara has been an extremely effective treatment modality. I can also add that my case is a bit unusual, my arthritis is advanced, I have 2 prosthetic shoulders and knees ( that’s plural) along with advanced degenerative OA throughout my spine. Dr. O’Hara has not only been an excellent clinician, but has offered wonderful encouragement to me as I have been devastated by this disease. Thanks in part to Dr. O’Hara, I have returned to work after more than a year of disability.

Dr. Bob Thomas Goleta, CA

Dr. O’Hara is amazing!

I discovered her through the internet after I was involved in a severe car accident. After being released from the hospital I still had stiffness in my neck, back, and shoulders. My first visit I fell in love with the ambiance of her office and the whole set up. It was so welcoming and inviting. My first day of getting adjusted I felt like I was 100%! It was amazing, I felt as if I was all better. Dr.O’Hara is so nice and caring. I love how she makes me feel that she cares so much about me and what is going on in my life. I always look forward and love coming to my appointments because I feel like a different person after getting adjusted! This is by far the best!

Michaella T. Santa Barbara, C

She is a fantastic medical professional that eased my fears and my pain.

I had never been to a chiropractor in my life and was frankly afraid to do so.  Then I had intense pain along the lateral aspect of my scapula with numbness and tingling to my fingers with no known injury.  As a medical professional I was skeptical  about seeking anything other than “traditional” medical treatment.   After speaking to several friends I decided to try a chiropractor…but who?  I check the Independent Best Of and after finding that Dr. O’Hara was number one, I decided to give her a try.  Thank goodness I did! She is a fantastic medical professional that eased my fears and my pain.  It has taken time and is still a work in progress, but I have complete faith in her.  Always upbeat and encouraging, it’s a real pleasure to go to her office.  And she is so willing to go that extra mile and will always be willing to meet you on her days off if you are in pain and give you an adjustment.

And her office staff is unbelievably friendly and engaging.  They greet everyone by name which is fantastic and personable.  When I spoke to Vivianna on the phone to schedule my first appointment she was very reassuring when I expressed my fear of seeing a chiropractor.  And Erica who started just about the time I did (as a patient) is equally friendly and learning her job quickly.

I love this place!!  It’s a joy to come to this office with all the fantastic people that work here.  It doesn’t seem to be just a job for them, but a life experience.

Catherine M. Goleta, CA

I would highly recommend her!

I have only been going to Dr. O’Hara for less than a month, but the difference is incredible. She is fully committed to making sure that the patient understands what is being done during all phases of care. She is also committed to correcting the problem and not just masking the pain or putting a band aid on the problem. Correction takes time. I would highly recommend her …. there is a reason that she was voted best Chiropractor in Santa Barbara!

Janet Z. Santa Barbara, CA

I am happy to say that I am now “pain-free”!

Dr. O’Hara is a kind, compassion, amazing, knowledgeable doctor  who genuinely cares about her patients. Her office staff is very helpful and always smiling.   I went to her with excruciating low back pain.  I am happy to say that I am now “pain-free” thanks to Dr. O’hara, and can now get back to my active life style that I so enjoy.  It is so difficult to find a dedicated doctor who listens and understands your needs.  I feel so grateful to of found Dr. Ohara!

Rudy G. Encino, CA

Only One is “The Best”!

So many chiropractors in Santa Barbara and Goleta, but only one is “The Best” and that is Dr. Lori.  I always walk out of her office feeling so much better.  I can’t believe it took me so many years of pain and ill health before I finally went to see her.  My husband drug me in after years of constant pain.  My stomach was in pain from all the aspirin I took. This was the best decision I have made for my health and my future.  You will be in good hands too.  I have to say, it really surprised me how much better I feel.

Jane L. Santa Barbara, CA

Dr. O’hara provides excellent care!

I suffer from chronic pain and she has worked with me so much from changing my diet to wonderful chiropractic care. O’hara has changed my life and has given my life back to me. When I first saw her in September I was extremely fatigued and would go to bed at 7pm now I am starting to get my life back with exercising and having more energy….all thanks to her!! O’hara won’t stop til she gets down to the bottom of your problem. When I was really sick she would call and check on me and was so thoughtful and gave helpful advice, when other doctors would not even call me back, she would always follow up and make sure I was ok. I would highly recommend Dr. O’hara!

Devon R. Santa Barbara, CA

Dr O’Hara is thorough, knowledgeable and very skilled.

I have taught in College for 13 yrs Anatomy and Human Physiology, I have a good working knowledge of how the human body works. I was in a severe auto collision resulting in headaches, neck pain, and low back pain. I had been to many Chiropractors seeking help, many of them touchy feely non force practitioners, with no changes in my spinal problems. I found Dr O’Hara to be thorough, knowledgeable and very skilled. Her explanation of how these biomechanical changes would occur over time as the body healed was not only scientifically logical but in fact was a solution to my injuries. I’m glad to report I enjoy freedom from my auto injuries. Just as I maintain regular visits to my Dentist, I also maintain my spinal health.

Harold M. Santa Barbara, CA

I have been very pleased with my results!

I have been seeing Dr. O’Hara for over two months.  She identified my problem areas during my initial consultation and clearly explained her approach for treatment.  I had a re-evaluation after 12 visits and was really excited with the improvements she documented. She has greatly helped reduce the tension in my upper shoulders and neck.  My range of motion (turning my head side to side) has increased significantly.  I have been very pleased with my results!

One of the primary reasons I wanted chiropractic treatment in the first place was due to infrequent but painful headaches.  On Monday I had my first headache since I started chiropractic treatment.  It was the result of a huge weekend house project to reorganize piles of paperwork in my office.  I spent the day looking down at my project and didn’t take good care of my neck.  I explained my symptoms when I saw her that day and she immediately knew what to do.  She identified an area in my upper neck that needed adjustment.  She also stretched my neck to relieve pressure on the nerve.  She also showed me how to use an acupressure point in my hand to help relieve headache pain.  I immediately felt a sense of relief and only felt traces of the headache for the next hour or two.  After that, the pain was completely gone and it has not returned.  Previously, my headaches would often subside in the evening and return the next day.  I was so happy that Dr. O’Hara’s treatment caused the pain to stop for good without any medication.

Dr. O’Hara is a great doctor!  She is always providing useful life tips and I learned so much by attending her workshop.  She takes the time to listen to her patients and really cares about their well-being.  I highly recommend her to anyone interested in improving the quality of their day to day life.

Amy N. Santa Barbara, CA

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