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Traveling This Summer?

Traveling this summer?  Nothing is better than planning a vacation! Most people come back from vacation more relaxed, happier and in better health than when they left.  Sometimes it is just what the doctor ordered.  That being said, there are many people who go on vacation and come back in pain and don’t know what happened.  Here are some tips for travelling and avoiding injuries.

* Pack light- remember you have to lift that luggage many, many times.

* Carry your fabulous, soft down pillow on the plane or in the car.  Use it!  Remember, it weighs next to nothing and will be the best thing you bring.  This will save your neck from injuries from bad hotel pillows. You can pack a standard down pillow by folding a rolling and putting it in a gallon size zip lock bag, but I don’t recommend you do that.  I recommend you carry it and use it on the plane.  This makes an uncomfortable ride much better.

* Drink more water but make sure it is purified.  Dehydration is a serious problem when traveling.  It can show up as constipation or worse.  Travelling on planes is dehydrating so skip the alcohol or soda and drink pure water instead.

* I always have a few supplements I take before and during travelling.  1.  Grapefruit Seed Extract – Kills 800 different strands of bacteria, including e coli.  It is contra indicated if you are on some prescription drugs (check with your doctor). 2.  Pro Biotics –  Nothing like a healthy gut while travelling.  Eating different food and spices can upset your system and pro biotics keep you healthy from the inside out.  I take it first thing in the morning and a grapefruit seed extract in the evening. 3. High quality Multi vitamin – just my insurance policy to make sure I stay healthy.

Those are the essentials!  I modify if depending on where I go but those are the basics.  Vacations are the best gift you can give yourself, so enjoy and stay healthy!

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