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The Way

Have you ever wondered why I ‘m so happy?  What is it that allows me to go to work every day and be filled with gratitude and joy, even after nearly 28 years in practice? I am going to share with you a glimpse into the amazing life of chiropractic.

About 5 years ago, a 65 year old man came into my clinic, barely ambulating with the aid of a walker. His legs were weak and painful from peripheral neuropathy. It was difficult for him to balance due to the damaging effects of chemotherapy treatment for stage 4 Lymphoma. He was a shell of his previous self and felt he was not long for this world. Although the chemotherapy killed the cancer, it left him closer to the grave than ever before. Traveling only 3 miles to my office would be close if he had a car, but he did not. With tremendous difficulty he carefully walked to the bus stop near the retirement home he lived in and was dropped off across the freeway and down the street from my office. This meant he had to walk, with incredible pain and disability the rest of the way. It must have seemed liked miles when he could barely use his weak and wobbly legs. When he first visited my clinic, it looked like the life force was pulled right out of him. He was pale and pasty, exhausted and profusely sweating. I thoroughly examined him and reviewed his extensive medical history. With reluctance and trepidation, I began a detailed plan to rebuild his health and life.

Mr. G is an amazing man in many ways. He was hopeful and willing to do the work to aid in his own recovery. As difficult as it was to get to my office, he never missed an appointment. He showed up early three times a week, taking the bus and then walking the rest of the way. At my insistence, he got off the bus to get a green juice and organic meal at a local healthy restaurant before he came to see me.  Along with chiropractic adjustments and immune building supplements, he also radically changed his diet, eliminating all sugar, flour, alcohol and processed foods. Because the cancer had metastasized to his spine, he was in constant, severe pain.  Very carefully and gently due to the chemo port logged in his chest, I began adjusting him, knowing the risks that cancer can weaken bones and make them severely osteoporotic.  He wanted to take the calculated risk because living in constant pain was not an option for him. To my surprise and delight, he got much relief after just a few adjustments. As his pain was lifting and his legs slowly got stronger, I saw the life force returning.  I observed the color in his face change from chalky to pink. Each week, he felt just a little bit better. His health was restoring before my eyes and after just a few months he was able to walk without his walker. As matter of fact, he began to walk everywhere. His energy and enthusiasm for life was incredible to witness.

I see Mr. G about two times a month now and have for the past few years. He always has a big smile on his face and says he’s ‘doing great.’ On his last office visit, right after I adjusted him, he commented on how terrific he feels and proceeded to tell me his is going to visit Spain. I was very happy for him, knowing where he came from and watch him live a life of optimal health and fulfillment. Then he stopped me and said, “Dr. O’Hara, I am he is going to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage, like in the movie ‘The Way!’”  I was dumbfounded. Mr. G started care in my office barely able to walk with a walker and now he is traveling to Spain next month to walk over 300 miles, wearing nothing but a backpack. He said to me, “Dr. O’Hara, you have a lot to do with me being able to do this trip” and then proceeded to thank me. I feel so privileged and honored to be able to participate in his life and in his recovery. I knew he was “healed” when he traveled to Europe and then again when he moved out of his “retirement home.”


To witness life unfolding is a blessing and I have so many stories of recovery and healing. That is why I am so happy every single day.  I get the opportunity to help people live their lives to their fullest potential and to me there is nothing better in this world.

Some people dream of living an amazing life and some people live it. I am inspired by the living.




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