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Summer is here!

Well summer is just around the corner and I am beginning to get a lot of injuries from overzealous amateur gardeners.  If you are a ‘Do it Yourself’ type of person – take note.

Most lower back injuries occur from bending forward and twisting the spine.  This can occur while raking leaves, digging or even using the weed wacker.  Neck and mid back injuries occur from reaching forward and pulling activities. Weed pulling causes many neck and back injuries. Especially when pulling with excessive force on a weed that will not budge. To avoid injuries be sure to use both sides of the body equally when raking or digging.  When pulling weeds, don’t yank!  Keep elbows close to your body and use controlled force.  If it is too difficult, call a professional.  It will save you money because back injuries can be costly.  Also, never bend and twist.  Lift by bending your knees and come up to a standing position before you turn.  You will enjoy your garden more with a healthy spine!


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