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O'Hara Chiropractic Patients and Friends



Dear Patients and Friends,

As 2016 comes to a close, I am given the opportunity to reflect on the past year. I will be going into my 30th year in practice and I can honestly say I am happier and more grateful to be a chiropractor than ever. Maybe as I get older, I realize how blessed I am to spend my life helping people regain theirs. In the end, health and relationships are all that matter and I am lucky enough to have and give patients I serve both.

I cherish my life of service to all of you and I am humbled by the profound responsibility of being your health care provider. My hope is that you feel my sincerity when I tell you it really means the world to me to share my gift of healing with you and I always have your best interest at heart.

My greatest accomplishment thus far has been to grow the profession by encouraging my patients to become chiropractors. So far, I have referred about 40 of my patients to Chiropractic College. So one day, if I ever retire (in about 30 years), you will be well taken care of.

I look forward to keep helping you regain and maintain your optimal state of health and happiness in 2017.

I cherish, honor and respect you,

Dr. Lori O’Hara

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  1. Linda Noll says
    Jan 21, 2017 at 7:46 PM

    Thank you Dr. Lori. We appreciate all the help and care you have given all our family over the years. Look forward to the next thirty years. :) Much love and many blesssings.

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