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May is Posture Awareness Month


May is National Posture Awareness Month and we are offering a community service  to people of all ages in our community.  Poor posture is no longer a problem of the elderly or infirmed.  Teenagers are now the leading concern of health professionals.  Forward Head Posture (Dowenger’s or Widows Hump) is a serious problem and occurring in younger people for the first time in history.  This is Excited to announce an upcoming event at our office!  We are having a “Movie Night” on due to the advent of lap top computers and texting on cell phones..  Poor Posture leads to accelerated spinal decay and degeneration, disability and a shorted life span.  Even diminished lung capacity can occur with postural distortions.  It starts slowly and silently and by the time you notice it, it can be too late.  Our office is providing FREE screenings during the month of May utilizing  state of the art computer technology to evaluate postural distortions.  It also offers self help techniques via e-mail to help in the correction.  Call our office today at 805 964-0222 or email us at to schedule a free screening.