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Love Letters


Last Friday was a day like many others. The high’s come from our patients who express their appreciation for a great adjustment and watching the life being restored to their bodies.  The low’s are when we run behind or the millions of details that pile up. At times it feels very overwhelming.

Some days, things happen that remind me just how lucky I am to be a chiropractor. Friday night was one of those days. At the end of a long week, an incredible gift was presented to me. It was a letter written by a patient of mine. She is a 6 year old named Lilly. The bright neon pink construction paper was hidden behind her back with a big grin as she handed it over to me. It was a love letter for Valentine’s Day. Lilly truly loves coming into the office, loves getting adjusted. She wants to stay and help for the rest of the day and her parents have to beg her to come home with them. I am honored and humbled to have such a sacred gift of sharing chiropractic with children like Lilly. I know I am impacting her life in a positive way by teaching her about health, wellness and to take care of and respect her body for life.

So blessed I am to be her BFF and to all of these children who grown up with the chiropractic lifestyle.


Dr. O’Hara

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